Friday, February 22, 2013

Pomoola - Maine's Indian Devil

Pomoola comes out of Native American lore. Pomoola lived on and around Mount Katahdin.  It is described as a giant half man, half beast that would not hesitate to kill and eat an Indian that got in it's way. However, if you didn't antagonize the beast, it was actually quite friendly. The first white man to have an encounter with the beast was Hugh Watson. He was returning from hunting and he saw a whole group of Pomoolas destroying his camp. I guess they weren't too kind to tourists. He hid some distance away until they left. The next encounter was in 1866. Cluey Robbins was hunting in the Katahdin area. He went to get some water from a nearby river. When he reached the river, he saw a large, manlike beast covered in red hair catching fish and eating them. Apparently, the Pomoola liked to eat alone and was quite agitated at Cluey's presence. Cluey inquired about the creature to the local Natives. Apparently, they told him that humans weren't Pomoola's first choice of meat. A more recent sighting occurred in 1988, when six boy scouts encountered the creature while hiking Mount Katahdin. They claimed they saw a large, manlike creature with red fur collecting roots. Hey, Pomoolas need fiber too. Anyway, once the Pomoola was alerted to their presence, it started to make loud noises. One of the boy scouts said there was a sharp smell like rotten eggs in the air for hours after the Pomoola had disappeared with his tasty roots. The fact that the reports are similar in describing the the creatures appearance and the report of the smell of rotten eggs tells me that the Pomoola is probably not just a legend. I will be looking out for more information on the Pomoola.

A List of Historical Bigfoot Sightings in Maine

Just a link for this post. The list can be found here. The list includes sightings from the 1800's up to 1995. Interesting stuff.

A Turner Beast Clarification

The Turner Beast is a popularly viewed item here on Maine Mysteries. I thought it would be good to put up a piece of information that I did not know about at the time I posted the original article. DNA tests back in 2006 have revealed that the Turner Beast is none other than.......... a dog. Story here.

Monday, February 18, 2013


As you can see, Maine Mysteries has undergone an update in the design. If you're a fan on this page or a fan of this topic in general, you might be thinking, "Does this mean he's finally going to start posting again?" Probably, Maybe. We'll see. I'll have to do some derping about on the internets to see what juicy things I can write about. I actually mean "write." Not mindlessly copy things from other websites. Well, yeah. I'll do that too. But hey, I'm older and much, much, much wiser now.